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In 1978, a music star was born in India - Peerless - founded by Peerless of Denmark and incubated in the land of oriental music - India. A state-of-the-art audio research and OEM manufacturing facility, combining the best of Danish acoustic technology with the best of Indian engineering manufacturing efficiency. Truly, Peerless India has become the inheritor of the Danish acoustic heritage and technology.

OEM Sound Company

Now, 30 years later - with cutting-edge R&D facilities in India, Denmark and Canada with top notch engineers, in-house processes like proprietary multilayered composite cone manufacturing, Magnesium Aluminum domes with proprietary Plasma titanium coating, and high temperature voice coils - Peerless designs and manufacturers world-class drivers and complete lifestyle systems / turnkey solutions for some of the best known audiophile home, car, gaming and studio monitor brands in the world.

After two years of painstaking engineering and development, Peerless has created an exclusive line of PEERLESSPRO subwoofers, woofers, midrange drivers & tweeters that incorporate technologies developed for some of the most technically advanced studio monitor brands in Europe & USA.

OEM Sound Technology

Continuous new product development at our R&D centres using cutting-edge development tools - CAD/CAM software, IDEA, Winmotor, Finite Element Analysis & anechoic chambers - and experimenting with the latest developments in materials and technology, help Peerless lead the way in high performance, reliable speakers and system development.

OEM Sound Production

Peerless has fully integrated manufacturing facilities in Bombay. Our production lines ensure consistent quality while retaining the flexibility to produce small runs. Every production line has quality measures built into its processes and every product is fully tested for rub & buzz and graphed using MLSSA, LMS or Sound Check (Listen Inc.) as specified by the customer.

In-house manufacturing facilities for critical components and a reliable network of suppliers developed over the past 30 years, give Peerless extraordinary control over new product development and quality.

India offers cost-effective rapid prototyping and tool makers for pressure die-cast and injection molded parts. A tight control over the supply chain and a well-trained, English-speaking workforce give Peerless the edge in innovation and time to market - the key ingredients for success in a rapidly changing competitive world.

OEM Sound Future

Peerless India continues to explore new areas such as powered speakers with cutting-edge amplification technology, high-end subwoofers, compression woofers and planar speaker technologies as part of our ongoing process of offering a wider range of products to our customers. We endeavor to associate ourselves with discerning customers who challenge and push us beyond where we have gone.

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